High-Speed Internet in Rural Settings...
We whole heartedly work at it!
The path to connectivity
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RuralConnection.ca offers many types of services that are based on the user needs and demands.

Our services generally work via radio frequency waves, like the radio and television stations.

"Residential Economy" Service
  • Residential entertainment service at impressive speeds
  • Browse the web
  • Exchange e-mails
Connect your router and serve your household equipment like your desktop computer, your laptop and your gaming console.
"Residential teleworker" Service
  • For the teleworker working from his home office
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) support
  • Increased included monthly upload and download volumes
  • Priority maintenance service
What a beautiful way to work, breathing in fresh air in your calm rural settings.
Avoid the aggravation, time losses and stresses of the daily commute to the office.

Join the telecommuter crowd! An ecological solution which reduces polution and your fossil fuel costs.
"Family-Business" Service
  • Connect your comupter network and VPN servers to the internet
  • Enable your workforce to telework just as if they were at your workplace
You can now enable your employees access to the internet and your workplace from remote locations with similar facilities as they have at your workplace. For example, You can virtually transport the internet to anywhere within reach of your own secured "hotspot" on your farm, a construction site or a group of buildings, including priority VoIP telephony services.
"Corporate" Service
  • This fully custom service allows all the services available over the internet.
    Built by our team to your exacting needs... the choice is yours.