High-Speed Internet in Rural Settings...
We wholeheartedly work at it!
The path to connectivity
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    RuralConnection.ca specializes in the design and delivery of high speed internet networks in remote areas.

    Our Challenge:
    • Is to supply you with reliable and affordable Internet services.
    • To provide high speed Internet connection, and this, wherever you may be located.

    Our Tools:
    • All the means our engineers can make available with state of the art technology.

    Our Actions:
    • We are pioneers in delivering high speed internet in rural settings. We are continually searching for, testing and evaluating new products for their application in rural settings.

    Our Assets:
    • Our founding engineer is also one of the founders members of the IEEE 802.22 group and vice-chair of the 802.19 radio-coexistence technical advisory group. We deploy large efforts to ensure that our future technologies standardized and there will be up to your needs and demands.

    Our Surroundings:
    • We are supplied by time-proven, internationally reknown internet access experts.