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What is the wireless high speed internet in rural area?
  • This is a radio frequency waves service like the television and the radio.
What about the security ?
  • Your communications are encrypted for your safety and security. For an extended security we can provide you additional equipments (routers and firewalls).
How to connect your telephone decoder
  • Click here to obtan a bilingual (French/English) instruction document
How RuralConnection.ca provide high speed internet in rural area ?
  • RuralConnection installs an antenna on your premises. This antenna communicates with one of our access point in your area. It can also be possible that RuralConnection installs a relay antenna on your premises so we can join others customers in your area. All of this can be done by radio frequency waves.
How much does the installation cost ?
  • This varies according to which plan you want to subscribe to.
  • The distance between you and the closest access point near you.
  • The type of connection wanted varies according to the user needs.
What is included in the installation ?
  • RuralConnection will installs an antenna and provide a cable to plug it into your computer or router or firewall.
Can you hide the installations ?
  • RuralConnection does not wants in any way possible to have there installations visible that is why we recommended that our technicians does the installations for safety and security reasons and to guarantee the services.
  • On request our technicians can at your expenses do specials works to meet your esthetic's tastes. For example click here to see an example on a private electric pole with the cable underground between the pole and the house.
Is the equipment included with the installation ?
  • Yes. For more details contact us.
What's included in my monthly fees ?
  • Based on your subscription, miscellaneous services will be included. For more details contact us.
How can I know if the the service is available in my area ?
  • You have simply to contact us and it will be a pleasure to answer you.
  • It's possible that the service is already available in your area.
  • Otherwise we will be interested as soon as you will have a certain number of your neighbors that are also interested.
  • To start the service in your area, we need a minimum of subscribers and a way to bring the internet to your area for reasonable fee.
Can I install the equipment by myself ?
  • This is not recommended, nor do we endorse this practice. We prefer that a qualified technician do this kind of installation to make sure that you have the optimum service and for a long time.
  • RuralConnection does not wants in any way to have there services to be infringe, interfered or unprofessionally installed, and that is why we recommended that our technicians does the installations for safety and security reasons. Otherwise we can not be assure to provide the best services that we can offer you.
  • If you are a technician or amateur radio it can be possible that you have the qualified skills that we are looking for. In this case please contact us, since we are currently looking for qualified persons inthis field for various areas.
Whois the owner of the equipment after the installation as been done ? And what are my responsabilities?
  • RuralConnection.ca (administered by AmeriSys Inc.) is the sole owner of the equipments.
  • The customer is responsible to protect the equipment against power surges or any other damage that can be done by user negligence or something that is out of the control of RuralConnection.ca.
Is there's any contract to sign ?
  • Yes The contract will be provided before the installation.
Technical introduction to the internet Can we pay by preauthorize payments ?
Sure You can.